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P.O. Box 3311 / Tucson, AZ 85722 / Phone: 520-404-5247


Recent Juried Gallery Exhibits & Competitions

January 2008 – Wall Space Gallery (Seattle, WA)
“In A New Direction”
Juror: Clint Willour, Curator, Galveston Art Center

November 2007 – Center for Fine Art Photography (c4fap, Ft. Collins, CO)
Members’ Exhibition of Fine Art Photography
Note: only 49 images selected from over 1000 entries
Juror: Steve Simmons, Publisher and Editor, View Camera Magazine

November 2007 – Soho Photo Gallery (NYC, NY)
National Alternative Process Competition
Awarded: Honorable Mention
Juror: Tricia Rosenkilde, Parsons School of Design & International School of Photography

October 2007 – 1212 Gallery (Richmond, VA)
National Juried Photography Exhibition
Juror: Brian Paul Clamp, Director of ClampArt Gallery in NYC

October 2007 – Silvermine Guild Arts Center (New Canaan, CT)
SPECTRA ’07 National Photography Triennial
Juror: Peter MacGill, President, Pace/MacGill Gallery in NYC

September 2007 – Studio II (Napa Valley, CA)
Theme: Your Wildest Dreams
Awarded: Third (3rd) Place
Juror: Lisa Sutcliffe, Curatorial Assoc., Dept. of Photography, SF MOMA

September 2007 – Texas Photographic Society (Austin, TX)
Texas Photographic Society National Competition
Juried by Michelle Dunn Marsh, Assoc. Publisher for Aperture Magazine
Note: only 58 images selected from over 2400 entries from 359 photographers
from 47 US States & 7 countries

September 2007 –Center for Fine Art Photography (c4fap, Ft. Collins, CO)
International Exhibition of Fine Art Photography
Note: only 48 images selected from over 1700 entries from over 500 photographers
Juried by Alice Miller, Editorial Director, Studio Photo Magazine;
Roger Reynolds, Hon FRPS, FBPPA, President of The Royal Photographic Society
Raymond Spence, FRPS, Warwick College School of Art

August 2007 – Joyce Gordon Gallery (Oakland, CA)
Theme: Tribute to Gordon Parks
Juror: Stephen Wirtz, Director of the Stephen Wirtz Gallery in SF, CA

August 2007 - Julia Dean Gallery (Venice, CA)
Alternative Photography 4th Annual Juried Competition
Honorable Mention / two (2) images accepted
Jurors: Julia Dean, Patrick Posta, & Natalie Gamble

May 2007 – Santa Fe Portfolio Review
Juried by Steve Fitch, Professor of Photography, College of Santa Fe
Michele M. Penhall, Curator, U. NM Art Museum
Janet Russek, Scheinbaum & Russek, Ltd.

March 2007 - Soho Photo Gallery (NYC, NY)
Krappy Kamera IX Juried Competition
Juried by Mia Fineman, Department of Photographs, Met. Museum of Art (NYC)
Note: ca. 1400 entries from 240 photographers from 44 US States
Sponsors: Freestyle Camera & Camera Arts Magazine

January 2007 – Viewpoint Photographic Art Center Gallery
Visual Edge 2007: Handcrafted
Juried by Kerik Kouklis & Mary Swisher

September 2006 - Flash Gallery (Lakewood, CO)
Urban Experience Show
Juried by Carol Keller
Note: 400 total images submitted, only 15 artists accepted

August 2006 - Blue Plum Gallery (San Francisco, CA)
Summer Nights Show - Five 7x17" Palladium Prints
Juried by Tim Baskerville

July 2006 - The Nocturnes 2006 International Biennial Juried Competition
Juried by Mark Interrante
Note: 117 photographers from 3 continents submitted images
120 images total were accepted; ten (10) were my images!

July 2006 - Julia Dean Gallery (Venice, CA)
Alternative Photography 3rd Annual Juried Competition
Juried by Isabel Gomes, Lawrence Gund, & Julia Dean
Note: 23 images total from 17 artists were accepted; two (2) were my images

March 2006 - Soho Photo Gallery (NYC, NY)
Krappy Kamera VIII Juried Competition
National Grand Prize
Juried by John Reuter, Director, Polaroid 20x24 Studio
Note: ca. 1400 entries from 235 photographers from 43 US States
Sponsors: Freestyle Camera & Camera Arts Magazine

July 2005 - Julia Dean Gallery (Venice, CA)
Alternative Photography 3rd Annual Juried Competition
Juried by Michael Grecco, Dean Chamberlain, & Julia Dean

April 2005 - University of Arizona Annual Art Exhibit (Tucson, AZ)
Best of Show
Juried by Charles Albanese, Assoc. Dean, College of Architecture, U of A,
Dorothy Larson, Department of Graphics & Photography, U of A, and
Alfred Quiroz, Professor of Art, School of Art, U of A

Other Gallery Shows (non-juried)

August 2007 - Working With Artists (Lakewood, CO)
Annual Members' (non-Juried) Show

February 2007 – Solar Culture Gallery (Tucson, AZ)
“Return to Earth” Show

August 2006 - Working With Artists (Lakewood, CO)
Annual Members' (non-Juried) Show

December 2005 - Hot Shoe Salon at Studio 455 (Tucson, AZ)
20 Invited Photographers

Recent Publications

January 2008
– American Photography Magazine
LensBabies Print Ad

January 2008 – Shutterbug Magazine
LensBabies Print Ad, Page 28

December 2007 – File Magazine
Theme: LensBabies online at www.FileMagazine.com

August 2007 - Light Leaks Magazine
Issue 7, Fall 2007, page 15 / Theme: Time

May 2007 – Camera Arts Magazine (website)

March 2007 – National Public Radio (NPR)
Title image of their Weekend America website

March 2007 – Shots Magazine
Issue #95, Spring 2007, page 15

February 2007 - Light Leaks Magazine
Issue 5, Winter 2007, page 15

November 2006 – After Image / Ink Light Magazine

October 2006 – MoonCruise Magazine
Volume 2, Issue 5 www.MoonCruise.com

October 2006 - Light Leaks Magazine
Issue 4, Fall 2006, page 24

September 2006 – Arizona Daily Star Newspaper
September 29th, 2006: photo on page 2 of the Tucson & Region section

May/June 2006 - Camera Arts Magazine
Issue 52, Pages 40-42

Web Presence

Commercial Site:      www.MichaelKoernerPhotography.com
Night Photography:   www.ExposeTheShadows.com
Selected Fine Art:     www.KoernerPhotography.com
Flickr Page:               www.Flickr.com/photos/ExposeTheShadows


Michael Koerner is a full-time, professional, commercial and fine art photographer who is currently available for assignments.

All images Copyright © 2007 Michael Koerner Photography. All rights reserved.