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Michael Koerner, Ph.D. is a commercial & fine art photographer based in Tucson, AZ. His clients include: fine art collectors; high-end residential home owners; interior designers; Owners of Law, Medical, & Financial institutions for professional office décor; art buyers for Hotels & Corporate offices (lobbies and conference rooms); and ad agencies for print ads, annual reports, book jackets and CD covers.

Commercial Vision
Commercial Photographers have to be able to shoot everything in any style to satisfy their clients’ creative needs. To make this point, during a recent review of my portfolio with John Reams, Senior Art Director of McKee, Wallwork & Cleveland Ad Agency, I was showing about twenty images from three different photographic series.  John, who is a creative wizard at constructing a killer ad campaign, commented that he loves the feel of my images but would like to see more images and different styles for an assignment.  I asked John how many images and styles would make him feel very comfortable with the scope of my work.  He answered, “Forty.” Wow, forty different styles is a lot to tote around.  So, I’ve included about 75 distinct image styles of People, Places & Things on this site. Enjoy.

Artistic Vision
Unlike my commercial work, I have common elements that comprise one distinct style for all of my fine art work. For example, I almost always employ selective focus in my compositions to direct emphasis to subject matter of my choosing. I employ lenses that are modified of my own creation or tilt/shift lenses to ensure that only a select portion of each image is in focus. Imagery with a shallow depth of field is not a natural effect to the human eye, and therefore elicits a unique response from viewers that allows me to tell the story with my vision. It is easy to keep the entire scene in focus. All camera manufacturers expend huge amounts of time and resources to ensure the sharpness, contrast, etc. of their high-tech equipment. On the other hand, I take painstaking measures to create the intended aesthetic feeling in the out-of-focus areas of the image. In my opinion, the context, surrounding, and environment of the image contain the emotion, which is where I like to provide the "texture of blur."

Printing Technique
I prefer to produce fine art contact prints (up to 20" X 24" in size) using the Platinotype (and other Alternative & Historic) printing process, which can produce a print with an extremely long tonal range with exceptional (almost luminous) detail in the highlight regions. Since noble metals like platinum, palladium and gold do not tarnish, rust or oxidize, these prints are completely archival with the longest permanency of any printing process (including any photographic process, oils and watercolors) on paper. The metals are literally imbedded and adsorbed in the paper fiber and not in an emulsion layer that simply covers the paper surface.

A mixture of platinum and palladium metal salts are added to a solution of ferric oxalate sensitizer and then brush coated onto 100% cotton rag, fine art, water color paper. Negatives are placed in direct contact with the coated paper and exposed under strong UV light. Archival processing follows to produce exhibition quality prints.

Recent Events
2007 has been a very busy year so far. I've been fortunate to receive several, very interesting private and corporate assignments, including: being asked to test a new prototype lens for Lensbabies(dot)com. My images (thanks to the beautiful model, Sydney Spurgeon) were used in Lensbabies' tradeshow booth at PMA in Las Vegas in March 2007. National Public Radio (NPR) used one of my images in April 2007 as their title image on their Weekend America (National Talk Radio) website.
Additionally, I am happy to announce that my work was selected as one of 100 top art portfolios (internationally) being reviewed at the prestigious Santa Fe Photography Review in May 2007. Along with 2007 publications in LightLeaks Magazine (Issue#5, Winter 2007, page 15), again in LightLeaks Magazine (issue #6), Shots Magazine#95 (page 15, thanks to the wonderful model, Victoria de Mare), and Contact Sheet (TPS, February 2007), I was selected to exhibit a juried show at the Joyce Gordon Gallery (Oakland, CA in August), the 4th Annual Alternative Photography Show at the Julia Dean Gallery (Venice, CA in August), the Soho Photo Gallery (my Kallitype image was one of 58 selected out of 1400 total submissions) in NYC in March 2007 and the ViewPoint Gallery (Sacramento, CA in January 2007, thanks to Sarah Harvey for the fabulous modeling).

And, then there is ... well, you get the idea. Thanks for reading this far. Email me if you want to discuss an assignment or private photo shoot or if you want to model for me and get your image published nationally or seen at a gallery exhibit in front of a national audience.
In 2006, I was honored with awards and exhibited my fine art in juried galleries in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, and Tucson. Also in 2006, my images have been published in Camera Arts Magazine, Light Leaks Magazine, MoonCruise Magazine, and Contact Sheet from the Texas Photographic Society.
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Michael Koerner is a full-time, professional, commercial and fine art photographer who is currently available for assignments.


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